Kimberly Quirk

Telephone Number: 860-870-6818 ext 10205
Room Number:  205

Welcome to my web page!  I hope you will find it to be user-friendly and informative.  

Navigating this Space
As you investigate my sub-pages and links, you will discover that clicking on the name of a class takes you to the link for its Course Outline.  Under Course Documents, you will find a series of links to handouts and class notes.  If time permits, learn more about some of the special activities students have been involved in by exploring the Photo Gallery.

Please contact me by phone or through e-mail if you have questions or concerns.  Sending a message via e-mail is usually the quickest way to reach me.  Selecting Contact Me from the menu to the left of this page will usually be the quickest way to get your message started.  If you have trouble using the Contact Me link to write and send your message, please refer to the e-mail address printed above. 

If you are one my current students, please accept my invitation to visit the web page for your class.  You can access the link to it via your THS G-mail account.  I believe you will find this web page to be an even more user-friendly way to access your course outline, course documents, and reminders of upcoming deadlines.

Extra Help
Extra help is available by appointment some Mondays and most Tuesdays-Fridays until 3:00 p.m.