Jeremy Barlow
 Telephone Number:  860-870-6818 ext. 10217
 Room Number:  217

Physics classes will make extensive use of the class website at:

All of the homework assignments, class notes, lab activities and other useful and relevant links will be posted on that site. 

Specific course syllabi are located on the individual page (see the course information link at left) devoted to each particular course.  Though they differ in detail, each syllabus is structured so as to accentuate topics and subtopics without tying them to specific dates.  This is a luxury that provides the flexibility to effortlessly account for the uncertain nature of schedules due to factors not within our control.  Such factors include but are not limited to scheduled days missed due to power outages, road closures and snowstorms, field trips and ad-hoc assemblies.  Also, avoiding linking topics to specific dates allows for greater freedom for fine tuning the course content along the way and tailoring the details of the curriculum to the specific needs of a given class or group of students.  Such customization might be based on an atypical need for review, the availability of a new activity or a guest speaker, an unforeseen or rare event such as a new scientific discovery or a powerful earthquake or severe weather event.


When the need arises for extra help, it is hoped that students will feel welcomed to come from 1:45 to 2:15 (as an absolute minimum and baring special circumstances) on any school day, with or without prior arrangement.  Such an extra help session may consist of something as simple as a single question posed by a student, a request for clarification of an example or topic from class or from an assignment.  Students are also encouraged to come to extra help sessions with a classmate or two who may benefit from or add to such sessions.