Business and Personal Law

Business and Personal Law

Course Outline


Mr. Carlton Cayward



Learning Resources:  Understanding Business and Personal Law.  Gordon W. Brown and Paul A. sukys.  New York, NY: Glencoe- McGraw Hill, 1998.


Various other resources as needed.


Course Content:


v              Ethics and the Law

v              The Court System

v              Criminal Law

v              The Law of Torts

v              Contract Law

v              Warranties

v              Consumer Protection

v              Owning a Vehicle

v              Employment Law


Course Requirements:


v    Students are required to read material as assigned and  complete all assigned written work and projects.

v    Tests will be given after each section of the course.

v    Students will have a variety of powerpoints, projects and reports to complete in addition to Tests.


     Grading will be as follows:


          Homework:                               20%


          Tests/Quizzes/ Assessments:    50%


          Participation:                         30%


Extra Help:  Please do not hesitate to ask for extra help outside of class time.  I will be happy to arrange a mutually convenient time with you.