Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Sports and entertainment marketing is a rapidly growing field. Many colleges and universities are offering specializations in sports and entertainment marketing, while high schools are beginning to add new courses on the subject.  One of the advantages of a sports and entertainment marketing class is that it presents the key marketing concepts while using real examples from the world of sports and entertainment, making learning easier and more permanent.  A course in Marketing, presented through the scope of the Sports and Entertainment field should keep the interest level high and instruction relevant with real life examples from the world of “sports and entertainment”.

Course Requirements

Students must come to class prepared each day with their notebooks as well as a pen or pencil.  Students are required to read chapter material as assigned and complete various assignments throughout each chapter.  A variety of activities will be incorporated into each class including guest speakers, current events, group work, PowerPoint presentations, projects, and possibly a field trip.  Additionally, there will be various reading and writing assignments as well as traditional quizzes and tests.

Quarterly Grade Calculations

Homework-                                                           15%

Participation- Group activities/class work       35%

Test, Quizzes, and Projects                                 50%

Make up policy

All makeup work must be completed within a reasonable time period- usually within two days of the absence, as stated in the student handbook. Students should make arrangements with me upon returning to school to get the required materials.

Weighted Assignments

All assignments are weighted differently based on the time required to complete and rigor of the assignment.

Extra Help

Please do not hesitate to ask for extra help.  If at any time you are having difficulty, please feel free to make arrangements with me to stay after school.