Welcome to the exciting world of Marketing! 
This course is designed to offer you an opportunity to explore one of the largest and most dynamic career areas in business today.  Marketing is much different than it was just a few decades ago.  It is more complex, more interconnected with other business functions, focused on creating opportunities, and valued as an investment in the future.  For all of those reasons, marketing has become an integral part of business planning, because creating products and services that satisfy customer needs has to be the primary objective to achieve success. In addition, the collection and use of data has become paramount in overall business strategies. 

Students will analyze business scenarios and apply classroom concepts through participation in numerous small group activities utilizing internationally recognized DECA case studies and current events.  Activities will encourage students to think creatively and “outside-the-box” to take advantage of today’s quickly changing methods to reach the final consumer.  Students will work towards the development of a comprehensive marketing plan for their own small business.  

  • Basics of Marketing - Marketing Concept, 4 P’s – Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Target Market, Business Consumer vs. Final Consumer Strategies, Types of Products, Product Life Cycle
  •  Marketing Research - Primary vs Secondary Data, Designing Marketing Research, Analyzing and Using Data
  • Developing a Marketing Strategy - Analyze Competition, Understand the Customer, Develop a Marketing Mix, Relationship Building
  • Marketing Challenges - Consumer Rights and Responsibilities, Social Responsibility, Consumer Privacy
  •  New Age of Marketing - Social Media Influencers, Product Placement, Experiential Marketing, Global Markets

  •  DECA Case Studies, Design and Market Products for School Store

  • Final Project - Develop Own Business Marketing Plan

For more specific information and grading practices, click on the Marketing - Syllabus link on the left side.