Personal Finance and Investments

Personal Finance and Investments

Students will undertake a variety of personal assessments to analyze individual strengths and aptitudes as they explore career opportunities and develop strategies for maximizing earning potential.
  Individual resumes and cover letters will be produced, a personal Career Portfolio will be created, and proper interviewing techniques will be practiced in “real world” scenarios to better prepare students for college and career opportunities.  Students will learn necessary financial literacy skills in personal banking (preparing a budget, managing a checking and savings account, and proper use of credit) as well as delve into investment strategies for financial growth and retirement planning.  Students will play the Connecticut Stock Market Game, participate in the H & R Block Budget Challenge, complete the “On Your Own” personal finance simulation, and form investment groups.  Utilizing financial websites, current corporate financial data, and annual reports students will complete an in-depth research project justifying their investment selections. 

  • Career Decisions - Career Exploration, Career Planning, Resumes, Interviewing, Career Portfolio
  • Work and Pay - Taxes and Deductions, Tax Forms (W-2, W-4, 1040EZ), Calculating Pay, Benefits

  • Financial Security - Budgeting, Savings and Checking, Investment Fundamentals, Credit Management

  •  On Your Own Simulation and the H & R Block Budget Challenge - These two separate simulations allow students to experience “real world” financial decisions such as choosing a 401k plan, managing a checkbook, maintaining a credit card, and planning for an emergency fund.  In addition, students will have to manage their money as they make life decisions such as renting an apartment, buying/leasing a car, and protecting their assets with proper insurance coverage. 

  •  Connecticut Stock Market Game

  •  Investment Group – Final Project

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