Dominic Giamo ~ Thomas Weller
"How many good people are there in the world?  Too many to count."
                                               ~ Jackson Jackson, in Sherman Alexie's "What You Pawn, I Will Redeem"

Sometimes it's hard to keep track of that fact.  The bad people seem to get all the attention, and the good deeds we do often go unnoticed.  So from time to time we will give notice to some of the good people out there.

Good Samaritan​ABC News has a segment called "What Would You Do?"  It's a hidden camera segment where they set up morally ambiguous situations and see how people react.  In this one, a young Muslim man needs help changing a tire.  (The show thinks it because he's Muslim; I would have walked right by because what guy can't change a tire?)  Anyway, finally Dominic Giamo stops to help -- and he seems like a real nice guy.

Or say, this guy -- Thomas Weller.  A man saved his life by pulling out of a snowbank in'Pass it on.'a blizzard, who told him to "pass it on."  Which he's been doing for fifty years.  Listen to his story, over at NPR.  It's part of a series called "Story Corps" where regular people tell about their lives.  In the ordinary you will find the extraordinary.