Maurice Rowland/Miguel Alvarez -- Vanessa Wanderlingh
Here's two good people for you.  Maurice Rowland (on the left) is a cook.  Miguel Alvarez is a janitor.  Good People They were working at a nursing home in California when the company that was running the facility shut down.  Naturally the staff weren't being paid -- so they left.  Except for Miguel and Maurice, who felt they had no choice but to stay there and help the sixteen abandonned patients -- many of whom suffered from dementia.  They cooked, they cleaned, they passed out meds, and generally took care of people -- just the two of them -- for several days until the authorities got involved.  Please go here, where you can listen to them tell their story.  It will take less than three minutes, and it will brighten up your day.

Vanessa Wanderlingh is another good person.  She a "homeless conditions officer" in New York City's 20th precinct.  She befriended (and arrested many times for A Good Cop"aggressive panhandling") a homeless man named Eric Glenn Smith.  Mr. Smith was a regular at the corner of Broadway and 80th, where he would hold the door for customers and ask for spare change -- a friendly fixture to some, a nuisance to others.

When Mr. Smith died recently, Vanessa didn't want to see him buried in a "potter's field".  People in the neighborhood donated money -- from ten dollars to several hundred.  A funeral home agreed to conduct a funeral service and see to the burial for $2,000.  You can read all about it here.  (it'll take a little longer, but it will help restore your faith in humanity -- which, if it's like mine -- has taken quite a beating lately).