Rachel Star Withers
Rachel Star Withers                                   Rachel Star Withers

Rachel is mentally ill.  She has schizophrenia, a very scary and misunderstood malady.  Most people try to hide it.  Rachel decided to take it head on.  She started a YouTube channel where she talks about her illness, what the symptoms are, and how she copes with them.

People told her it was a bad idea.  "Employers google people.  They'll see this.  Everybody will see this."  But she went ahead anyway -- brave girl!  And do you know who saw it?

Other people struggling with the same illness.  And they were helped.  Suddenly they didn't feel so alone.  They had a role model.

Let's face it.  When it comes to fate, and the place we've been given in the world, most of us have hit the lottery.  But not everybody is so fortunate.  I have great admiration for Rachel, and those like her, who not only struggle and survive, but give to others.