The Five-Paragraph Essay
        There are many people who revile and despise the five-paragraph essay.  You will not find me among their number.  They see the five-paragraph essay and its parameters as stultifying and restricting.

        Nonsense.  The five-paragraph essay is endlessly adaptable.  Compare it to a baseball game: which always consists of nine innings, twenty-seven outs, four balls, three strikes -- and yet no two games are ever the same.

        The following are two guides that I have assembled over the years to help students master the 5PE:

        "Nine Stages to Success" -- The steps you must take to get to a highly successful paper.
        "The Five-Paragraph Format" -- You should know the format by now, but here are some useful tips to help you succeed.
        And a couple more that might be helpful:
 "What I'm Looking for in an "A" Essay".
"Keys to a Good 'Five-Paragraph' Essay"
"A Simple Guide to the Formal Academic Essay"

        And one or two more:

                 Author and Princeton professor John McPhee on the importance of Structure.
                 McPhee on "Using the Dictionary to Best Advantage"