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CP English I                                                                            Ms. Egan

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Introduction & Overview


Welcome to English class! I am delighted that you and I will be working together this semester. I believe in your potential and in your capacity to develop as a reader, writer, and thinker. Indeed, you will be called upon throughout the semester to fully engage and utilize your verbal and analytical skills as we examine a wide range of literary work, including but not limited to the following:


The Odyssey                                                                                                                       

To Kill a Mockingbird                                                 Short stories                                                   

Julius Caesar                                                              Poems                                                             


In addition, we will work on vocabulary and grammar; we will review literary terms and MLA guidelines. You will also be asked to write essays, responses, and journal entries. Finally, you will call upon your ability to write creatively as you compose your own poems, short stories, and presentations.


Goals of the Course:


  1. To enhance our vocabulary development
  2. To develop writing skills, especially in the areas of grammar, usage, and punctuation
  3. To further develop our ability to interpret, analyze, and evaluate literature
  4. To read a variety of literary works in order to broaden our knowledge and ability to interpret and analyze the written world.




Quarter Grades:


Formal writing assignments, journals, classwork and participation, homework, quizzes, projects, and presentations will determine your quarter grades.


Semester Grades:


Quarter 1—40%

Quarter 2—40%

Final Exam—20%




Student Responsibilities:


  1. Be on time and arrive prepared with notebook, textbook, paper, writing tool, and agenda.
  2. Your backpack should be stored in your locker, and no food or drink may be consumed outside of the cafeteria.
  3. Avoid plagiarism. You will learn how to avoid plagiarism in its many forms. If you plagiarize, you will fail the assignment and be subject to disciplinary action.
  4. Treat everyone in the class with respect and courtesy.




Follow the Acceptable Use Policy whenever we use computers or the Media Center:

(See your agenda for a complete description of the policies)


  1. Students will be polite and respect all users.
  2. Students will safeguard their safety and privacy and the safety and privacy of others.
  3. Students will not attempt to disable the internet filter for any reason.
  4. Students will work on school projects only.
  5. Students will use appropriate language.
  6. Students will handle hardware carefully.
  7. Students will respectfully manage the software.
  8. Students will respect copyright and fair use laws.


Homework, Absences, and Photos:


Homework is graded daily and must be on time for full credit. You have two days for each day of absence to make-up homework. You should follow up with me after an absence to be certain of current assignments. Long term assignments must be completed within one week of your return to school. Special arrangements will be made for longer absences or extenuating circumstances. I am available for extra help most days after school. You should be aware of the possibility that student photos may be taken at some point during the semester.


I have reviewed the syllabus and expectations and agree to the guidelines.


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