British and World Literature

 This class studies British and world literature.  It is my hope that students who take this class first and foremost become better analytical and informal writers, as well as more analytical and appreciative readers.  We do a lot of formal and creative writing in this class.  This is a senior class, so I take my job of preparing these students for college writing very seriously. 

We also read quite a bit of poetry in this class.  We concentrate on specific poets and look at how their use of poetic devices contributes to the transmission of their subjects. 

British and World Literature


In this class, we will be studying both British literature as well as other literature from around the world.  We will also study poetry.  There will be a lot of writing and discussion.


Potential Works that We Will Read:


Beowulf                                                                      Siddhartha

Canterbury Tales                                                     Lord of the Flies

Macbeth                                                                     The Curious Incident of the Dog in the

Things Fall Apart                                                      Night-Time

Tribe                                                                           Various Poems and Songs


General Assignments:


Ø  Analytical Responses to Poetry

Ø  Creative Projects and Writings

Ø  Reading and Discussion

Ø  Vocabulary

Ø  Tests and Quizzes (more open-ended)

Ø  Quote Analyses


Grade Distribution:


o   Writing (both creative and analytical): 60%

o   Tests and Quizzes: 20%

o   Class (discussion participation and general involvement): 20%


For each day that you do not hand in an assignment, you will receive a ten-percent deduction.  I will not accept anything that is more than ten days past due.


If you want to do well in this class, here are the three main things you should do:


1.    Read.

2.    Improve your writing.

3.    Show effort. 


Do not use cell phones, and do not do homework for other classes.  I will never assign a lot of homework, and I will never use a cell phone.