Communication and Presentation

Hi Everyone, 

I have called this class "Communication and Presentation" because the term public speaking scares people.  One of the main goals I try to achieve in teaching this class is to alleviate students' fears of public speaking in hopes of making them more comfortable and confident speakers.  In order to achieve this end, I try to get students up in front of the class as much as possible.  As a bonus, students who complete this class with a grade of 80 or higher receive credit for public speaking through MCC and a lot of other colleges.

Kris Coffey

Communication and Presentation


The point of this class is to get you to be more comfortable in front of an audience as well as to give you ways to become a better public speaker.  There is a great variety of speeches we will be making in this class, and you will have a lot of choice in those topics.  I hope we have a great time together.  I suspect that we will.


Speeches You Will Be Making:


Ø  Demonstrative

Ø  Informative

Ø  Informative with Visuals

Ø  Persuasive

Ø  Narrative

Ø  Multiple Impromptus


Other Facets of Speechmaking We Will Address:


Ø  Debates

Ø  Interviews

Ø  Analysis


Grade Breakdown:


Ø  Speeches: 60%

Ø  Writing: 20%

Ø  Class: 20%

For every day an assignment is late, 10% will be deducted from the grade.


For some of your speeches, you will need to write a manuscript.  These manuscripts will largely determine your writing grade. 


One of the biggest components of this class is listening to your peers.  Give everyone else the attention that you also deserve.


If you ever see a speech that you think is amazing, please tell me about it.  Chances are I’ll show it to the class.  Let’s have a great time together.