Creative Writing

Hi Everyone,

I have been teaching Creative Writing at the high school for the past eight years.  It is my great pleasure to be able to teach this class.  I take my privilege of being able to read students' work very seriously, and I try to offer constructive criticism grounded in positive feedback.  I believe that each student has specific talents in terms of writing creatively, and I try to harvest these talents while incorporating general conventions of and approaches to prose and poem writing.  I look forward to a great semester.

Kris Coffey

Creative Writing


I kind of consider this class my teaching baby.  I am incredibly passionate about creative writing, and I love nothing more than to see other people realize or increase their own passion for this pursuit.  We will be doing a lot of writing, both prose and poetry, in this class.  I hope you’re ready for it and as excited about it as I am.


Prose Pieces:

Ø  Me

Ø  Personal Narrative

Ø  Tragic Flaw/Internal Conflict

Ø  Second-Person

Ø  Cliffhanger

Ø  Loop/Social Issue

Ø  Dystopia

Ø  Journey

Ø  Final Writing



Ø  For the most part, poetry will be an imitation of a poem or song I show you.  There will be about twenty or twenty-five poems throughout the semester.


Grade Breakdown:


Ø  Writing: 60%

Ø  Poetry: 20%

Ø  Class: 20%

For every day something is late, 10% will be deducted from the grade.


In terms of the class grade, sometimes I will give you grades for just doing your classwork, and on occasion I will enter a participation grade for how you are in class.  As long as you’re not on your phone and you’re listening, your participation grade will be great. 


Writing is awesome.  It can help you learn things about yourself and the world around you that are truly amazing.  I’m so grateful to be a part of that with you.