A Random Mix of Cool Web Sites
Story Corps : From NPR, these are 3-minutes stories of real people, in their own words.  Always interesting.  Sometimes very moving. is a great site if you're searching for colleges: great info, you can keep track of possible schools, compare schools, and so on.

"War of the Worlds" and other broadcasts from radio's past: Mercury Theater
:  links to literary classics and much more.  Cool site.

IS IT TRUE?  Urban myths, conspiracy theories--who knows what to think?
Sound answers are provided at

Find a quotation at         

Words are fun!


to learn a word's origin:

A site for finding good books (for you)
and sharing feedback with fellow readers:

I love zen parables:

On Saturday evenings, Mr.Welden is likely on the front porch, listening to A Prairie Home Companion.  Listen to the show (or archives) at

Some day, you might want to pursue a career.  
Here's a very useful starting point for research:
Occupational Outlook Handbook