The Creative Preschool



About the Preschool:
The Creative Preschool at Tolland High School is an integral part of the child education program and is designed to provide high school students with practical, hands-on experiences working directly with young children.  The interactions between the high school students and the preschoolers provide unique opportunities for the older students to apply what they have learned and for the younger students to learn skills that will enhance their development.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

Preschoolers enrolled in the program will be engaged in a variety of age-appropriate activities designed to enhance their physical, intellectual, emotional and social, and moral development.  Examples of these activities include:  story time, music and movement, arts and crafts, outdoor play, puzzles, games, and much more!  In addition, language and literacy as well as mathematics concepts are incorporated into the daily activities.  All of these experiences occur under the care and supervision of very eager high school students, many of whom are choosing childhood education as a future career.

The Creative Preschool is open to fully potty-trained 3 and 4 year old children and is not limited to Tolland residents.  Families from surrounding towns are welcome!  Potty trained children that are at least 34 months old by the start the semester may be considered for enrollment, depending upon space availability.

If you are interested in registering your child or simply would like more information, please click on the links at left "Schedule & Fees" and "Registration Forms" or contact Janine Elliott at: