Baking and Pastry

Welcome to Baking and Pastry!  I hope you enjoy the semester!
Ms. DeBlois

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This course is a college level class designed for students who are interested in exploring basic baking and pastry arts with an interest in the culinary field. It was developed with Manchester Community College for students to earn college credit while at Tolland High School.  The purpose of this class is to learn the fundamental principles and procedures for preparation of a variety of baked goods. This will be done through extensive laboratory work using professional quantity foodservice equipment. Emphasis will be on producing high quality hand crafted items. The focus of the class is to develop an understanding of different methods, perform a variety of techniques, and master basic skills.  The course content units are yeast doughs, quick breads, pastries, pies, cakes, cookies, custards and puddings, and fruit desserts.  Students will serve senior citizen luncheons if there is no Foodservice class that semester.  Career Paths:  Bakery Chefs, Foodservice, Catering, Hospitality Industry.  This course meets graduation requirement for technology and remediation for graduation requirement for health.