Course Objectives Baking and Pastry

Baking and Pastry Tolland High School

Course: HSP 103 Principles of Baking/Baking and Pastry

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Course overview: 

Introduces students to the basic techniques and procedures required to prepare baked goods, with emphasis on ingredient identification/function and measurement. Laboratory classes are complimented with baking and pastry arts related studies that introduce management operations and procedures, marketing techniques as well as opportunities in the baking profession. 

 Course objectives:

  1. Define baking terms.
  2. Apply basic mathematical skills to conversion of recipes.
  3. Weigh and measure ingredients used in baking.
  4. Explain the basic principles of baking.
  5. Describe the properties and list the functions of various flours, grains, and other ingredients in baking products.
  6. Demonstrate proper use and care of baking tools and equipment.
  7. Apply correct sanitation procedures when preparing bakery products.
  8. Prepare yeast dough.
  9. Prepare quick breads.
  10. Produce a variety of pies, puddings, and fillings.
  11. Produce various types of cookies.
  12. Prepare and ice cakes and describe techniques used in mixing, baking, and basic decorating.
  13. Prepare puff pastry and pate a choux.
  14. Prepare the three basic types of meringue                           


 Evaluation and Grading

  1. Laboratory work35%
  2. Homework25%
  3. Project25%
  4. Tests15%

Your lab grade will be based on the attached rubric. Class participation will contribute towards the lab grade.   Homework handed in late will not be accepted for a grade.

Missed labs count as zeros that are averaged into your grade.  You can make up a missed lab at home but it will not be graded.  The zero in the grade book will go away and be replaced with a check mark.

Reading requirements:

              1.                     Professional Baking, Gisslen

               2.                     Selected handout materials


No late assignments will be accepted unless the student is absent.  When absent, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the teacher to receive missed assignments.  Two day is allotted to make up work for each day absent.  If you are absent when a test is given; you will have three (3) days to make it up from the day you return to school.

If you are absent from a lab experience you must make it up at home for credit.

Make – Up Work:

It is the responsibility of the student to get and complete assignments that have been missed from the teacher.  Two days is allowed to makeup work for each day absent.  If you are absent on the day of a test or quiz you have three days to make it up after school.

To Receive MCTC Credit:

  1. Completed application must be submitted to teacher by specified date
  2. Final average of 75 or better



Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

  1. If the bell rings and you are not in the classroom you are considered late.  3 lates to class results in an after school detention.
  2. B1 If you arrive at 7:20 go to the office to obtain a pass to class.
  3. No electronic devices at all at any time during class time unless given permission by teacher.
  4. No back packs in the class at all due to safety hazards.
  5. Only clear containers with water are permitted in class.  You will have cups with your name on them and ice water in the refrigerator at all times.  Please do not drink anything but water out of these cups as they do not wash well.
  6. Bring a pen or pencil to class everyday and your three ring binder (Portfolio).
  7. Give your best effort!
  8. Be on task!
  9. Recycle, Compost and Clean up after yourself!
  10. Use respectful language at all times and engage only in appropriate conversations.
  11. Listen to instructions and directions.
  12. Follow all safety procedures.
  13. If anything is damaged or broken by a student that student must pay for the replacement.
  14. Enjoy yourself and the learning process!

 I’m looking forward to getting to know you during the semester!  Feel free to email or contact me any time with questions or concerns.

 Ms. DeBlois  860-870-6818 ext 10093