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1.       What kind of cheese are they making at Cato Farms in Colchester Connecticut?

2.       What kind of milk does Cato Farms most often use to make their cheeses?

3.       What is a cheese iron?  How and why is it used?

4.       How are the animals at Cato Farms raised?

5.       Why do you think this is important to know?

6.       Where is Beltane Farms? 

7.   What kind of milk does Beltane Farms most often use to make their cheeses?

8.   Describe the 8 steps in detail of making cheese.

9.   What is pasteurization?

10.   What is used to coagulate the milk and what is this?

11.   What are curds?

12.   What is whey?

13.   What does curing/aging do to the cheese?

14.   What are the eight categories of cheese and describe each category?

15.   Give two examples in each category.

16.   What is lactose intolerant?

17.   What can happen if you don’t get enough of the mineral calcium in your diet?

18.   What are 4 health benefits of eating cheese?

 19.   What cheese is the lowest in fat?

20.   What cheese is the highest in calcium?

21.   What are the two main vitamins found in cheese?

22.   What are the two main minerals found in cheese?

23.   What does the term Au gratin?

24.   What is the carbohydrate found in milk?

25.   What are the 4 fat soluble vitamins found in milk and what are each of their functions in your body?

26.   What are the four main functions of fat in the body and describe each one?]

27.   Compared the energy (calories) of fats to carbohydrates and proteins.