Internship Contract









For the 2015-2016 school year, the Senior Options program will consist of four components:  Internships, Community Service, College Courses and Work Experience.  These options will be considered in lieu of a regularly scheduled fourth block class. 



    Internships will provide interested students with the opportunity to explore an area related to their career interests.  Students selecting this option must:


    1. Have a mentor at the organization/school/business at which they will be interning.Interns at district schools must also secure permission from the building principal.
    2. Submit a written proposal outlining the goals for their experience and the hours they will be interning (students must actively participate at least 7.5 hours per week at their site).
    3. Attend scheduled meetings with the Senior Options Coordinator and complete required logs or other assignments (mentor rubrics, etc.).


      One-half (.5) credit will be granted upon successful completion of an internship.  Grading will be on a Pass/Fail basis.  Students who do not complete their internship successfully will receive an “F”, which will be noted on their transcript, and will not be eligible for any other senior option.



    The community service option allows students to volunteer their time in service to others.  Students enrolled in this option will be expected to coordinate their service with a local institution (hospital, nursing home, soup kitchen, Human Services, etc.), and follow the same guidelines and procedures as outlined in the Internship option.  One-half (.5) credit will be granted for a successful community service option.  This option also includes completing at least 7.5 hours of service per week.



    Students electing this option enroll in a college course at a degree-granting institution.  Students must submit proof of registration to their counselor before being enrolled in this option.  Students will be awarded .5 THS credit for a college course only after an official transcript from the institution is received in the Counseling Office.  Students will not be required to attend regularly scheduled meetings with the Senior Options Coordinator.  Students and their families are responsible for any tuition and/or fees required, and must provide their own transportation.  Students must take courses that begin no earlier than 1:00 p.m.


This senior option will allow students who have part-time employment to develop the necessary skills to be successful in the work place.   Employment does not need to be related to a future career interest, but must be for a minimum of 7.5 hours per week. 


NO CREDIT will be awarded for this option.






This form must be signed by both the student and parent/guardian prior to student being enrolled in any Senior Option.


Senior Options (internships, community service, college course or work experience) are available to seniors who are in good academic standing as of the end of their junior year, and who are enrolled for three other credit-earning courses in the semester they are requesting a senior option.


Please be aware of the following:


  • One-half (.5) credit will be granted for internships and community service only after conditions for these options are met.One-half (.5) THS credit for successful completion of a college course will be awarded only when an official transcript from the college is submitted to the THS Counseling Office.Grading will be Pass/Fail for students enrolled in an internship or community service. Credit earned will not count towards class rank.Student logs will be reviewed after each required meeting by Senior Options Coordinator, who will verify the logs with the site mentor if necessary.If the guidelines are not met, an “F” will be recorded on the student’s transcript and students will not be allowed to enroll in any other senior option.


  • Students will be required to attend all meetings with the Senior Options Coordinator.The coordinator will provide meeting dates at the beginning of each semester.Failure to attend without an excused absence from the coordinator will result in a grade of “F” for the marking period.Internship, community service or work schedules will not be accepted as an excused absence.


  • Mentors/employers cannot be relatives of the student unless approved by the school principal.


  • Students electing the college course option are responsible for registration for the course, as well as any tuition, fees and/or books and materials associated with the course.Students must also provide their own transportation.A copy of the college registration form must be submitted to the student’s counselor.Students selecting this option do not have to meet with coordinator. Students scheduling college courses may not enroll in college classes that begin before 1:00 p.m.


  • Students in any Senior Option must be taking three credit-earning courses.Student athletes must be aware that failure of any of these three courses will result in athletic ineligibility.


  • No senior option will be added to a student schedule after the fifth day of a semester (add/drop period as with all other classes).


  • Senior options will only be scheduled during the last block of the day. Student schedules will not be adjusted to accommodate dismissal earlier than the end of block 3.LUNCH ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE CHANGED TO ACCOMMODATE SENIOR OPTIONS.


  • Detention and disciplinary actions take precedence over Senior Options.


  • Students may not use any electronic devices until they have left the school building (for example:cell phones may NOT be used at lockers or in the hallways).





  • Students who have been approved for any of the Senior Options programs (internship, community service, college course or work experience) must leave the building at the end of block 3, which is at 12:13 p.m. on a regular school day.However, there will be days throughout the school year when the end of the school day will be later than 12:13 p.m.These days include, but are not limited to, delayed starts (either scheduled or due to weather concerns), and days that have an advisory. On these days, whether announced or unannounced (as in the case of weather concerns), students with senior options must stay until the scheduled end of block 3 for that day. These times can be found in the THS Student/Parent Handbook.Students must make arrangements with internship sites, mentors and/or employers to accommodate for these changes.Senior options students will not be allowed to leave at 12:13 p.m. on these days. (PLEASE NOTE:The time noted for the end of block 3 on a regular school day may be subject to change for the 2014-15 school year.Students will be notified if this time changes.)




  1. Students interested in an internship or community service must submit a proposal for their senior option, describing their goals for participating in this program.The proposal must be attached to this form and returned to the school counselor.


  2. Students must have their mentors complete the Mentor or Employer Agreement and submit it with their proposal.


  3. Students, parents, and mentors/employers must sign the Senior Options form.


  4. Once a proposal for a senior option is accepted, students must meet with Senior Options Coordinator on all scheduled meeting dates and complete required logs or other assignments (internship and community service options only).







STUDENT NAME:                                                                                


STUDENT SIGNATURE:            __________________________              DATE: ________


PARENT SIGNATURE:  ___________________________                        DATE: ________


This form must be signed and returned before a student is enrolled in a Senior Option.













STUDENT NAME                                                                                                                


MENTOR’S NAME                                                                  POSITION                                      


SIGNATURE                                                                 SITE                                                


EMAIL: ____________________________          PHONE: __________________


Thank you for agreeing to mentor a Tolland High School student in an internship or community service Senior Option experience.  Please fill in the following information and return it to the student who will submit it with a proposal.


  1. Goals for the student’s internship or community service experience.









  2. Type of activities or training to be provided to assist student in meeting stated goals.








  3. Once per academic quarter, mentors will be asked to evaluate student performance.This evaluation can be in narrative form and assess how the student is progressing towards the stated goals.Please describe criteria you will use to evaluate the student’s progress.(The program coordinator will provide you with dates evaluations will be due.)




This sheet must be returned to the THS Counseling Office

 with the student’s Senior Options Registration Form.












STUDENT NAME                                                                                        


EMPLOYER’S NAME                                                            POSITION                                       


SIGNATURE                                                                 SITE                                                


EMAIL: ____________________________          PHONE: __________________


Please fill in the following information and return it to the student.


Position student is employed for.






Approximate number of work hours per week.












This sheet must be returned to the THS Counseling Office

 with the student’s Senior Options Registration Form.