Women's Chorus

Women’s Chorus

Linda Tracy, Director


The Tolland High School Women’s Chorus is an unauditioned performing ensemble open to all girls grades 9-12.  The Women’s Chorus performs various genres of music from renaissance to pop, both accompanied and a cappella.  In this class, students will learn proper vocal production and music literacy skills.  The ensemble performs three times a year: once at the end of each marking period and also at the Madrigal Dinner, held in the THS cafeteria.


Expectations of Student Learning

Participation in a chorus builds the foundation for living successfully within a community by working cooperatively with others and thinking and listening critically.  The student will work to create a musical experience that will communicate and respect the intellect and emotion of a musical work.  The student has the opportunity to acquire skills which will act as a foundation for future learning in and appreciation of the arts.


Student Responsibilities

  • Participate positively in class.  Always strive to do your best.  Be part of the team!
  • Show respect to the director, your fellow singers, and yourself.
  • Be on time to class.  (And spit out your gum as you walk in the door!)
  • Come to class prepared to work (music, pencil, agenda). 
  • Practice your music at home.  Music is performed memorized for each concert.
  • Take responsibility for yourself and your actions.  Music is school property.  You are responsible for handing it in at the end of each concert in good condition.
  • Attend all performances and demonstrate proper concert etiquette, both as a performer and an audience member.
  • Dress appropriately for concerts. 


Concert Attire

Black gowns will be provided to the singers.  They must be returned (clean) after the January concert.   There will be a $50 charge for dresses that are not returned.



Daily Participation  50%

  • How well are you contributing to the success of the class?
  • How well do you know your music?
  • How is your attitude in class?
  • Are you arriving to class on time?
  • Are you on task?
  • Are you prepared (music, pencil)?


Quizzes 15%

  • Music Theory/Reading/Sightsinging/Literature
  • Singing Quizzes


Performances 25%

  • All concerts are mandatory.  If student is ill, parent/guardian must call the director.


Writing Assignment 10%

  • Post-Concert Assessment