Instrumental Music

Tolland High School Music Department
Instrumental Music
Mrs. Megan Kirwin, Band Director

Instrumental Music is designed for highly motivated students seeking a class that will challenge them musically.  Students will be expected to set weekly goals in written form for the perusal of the instructor.  Students will also be expected to perform every week for their fellow classmates.

I.  Expectations and Attendance

Class will begin after an appropriate time for set up and daily maintenance(attendance, announcements, etc.)
Students arriving after class has started will be subject to the school attendance policies.

II.  Instruments and Music
Instruments are to be in good working order. 
Students without instruments in good working order will have a grace period of one week to have their instruments repaired.
All music and a pencil are required for class daily.

III. Class Etiquette
Students are working toward their own personal goals.  They should be respectful of others practicing and working.
Students are expected to be actively working/practicing for 74 minutes of the 84 minute block.
No talking or disruptive behavior during class performances.
No food or beverages except water are allowed in the band room.  

IV.  Concerts
All musicians are expected to perform at ALL scheduled concerts/activities.
Failure to meet these expectations will result in grade reduction.
The only exceptions acceptable include illness, death in the family or religious holidays.  Students must dress appropriately for a school concert:
Boys should wear nice pants(NOT JEANS OR SKINNY PANTS) and a collared shirt.
Girls should wear nice pants/skirt/dress in a dark color.
Failure to attend a concert will result in grade reduction.
Concert dates: October 27th and January 12th 7pm THS Auditorium

V. Grading policy
Daily/weekly Partipation 35%
Class Performances 35%
Written Assignments 30%