Tolland High School Jazz Band
Mrs. Megan Kirwin, Director

I.  Expectations and Attendance

Students are expected to arrive before the late bell and should begin setting up on arrival.
Class will begin after an appropriate time for set up and daily maintenance(attendance, announcements, etc.)
Students arriving after class has started will be subject to the school attendance policies.

II. Instruments and Music
Instruments are to be in good working order.  It is important for students to have their instruments every day because in a jazz ensemble setting there is only one player per part.  If you are missing your instrument-you are setting back the entire ensemble.
All music and a pencil are required for class daily.

III. Rehearsal Etiquette

Students should be actively involved in all aspects of rehearsal.
Students should demonstrate proper posture and proper instrument and hand position.
No talking or disruptive behavior during rehearsal
No food or beverages except water are allowed in the band room
No hats in rehearsal

IV. Homework/Practice/Extra Help

Students are expected to set aside an adequate amount of time to learn all music passed out in rehearsal.
Students requiring assistance should make an appointment for extra help.
Students will be expected to complete three writing assignments a semesterV. Concerts
All musicians are expected to perform at all scheduled concerts/activities.  The only exceptions acceptable include illness, death in the family or religious holidays. 

Failure to attend a performance will result in grade reduction.

Concert dress for jazz band is concert black. 
    For boys:  Black pants, black shirt, black shoes and socks
    For girls:  Long black skirt or pants, black shirt, black sandals or shoes                       


Jazz Coffee Night 7pm THS Cafeteria

Quarter 1 Concert 7pm THS Auditor

 Barnes and Noble Fundraiser Barnes and Noble, Manchester 7pm

Quarter 2 Concert 7pm THS Auditorium

January Jazz

Various assemblies at TIS and TMS

All dates TBA.