Welcome to Biology

Mrs. Laguerre

Room 127

Phone: (860) 870-6818  x 10127


Course Description

Throughout this semester you will be engaged in many activities that explore the fundamentals of Biology. In addition to learning the basic principles of science, we will examine the following topics, among others: cells, DNA, genetics, pathogens, immunity, populations and evolution.

Course Requirements

Come to class prepared with the following:
      -Pen or pencil
      -Three-ring binder (recommended 1 ½ “) and filler paper for note-taking

      -Your textbook (covered) - only when I tell you to bring it

Classroom Policies and Expectations

While in this classroom, you are expected to act responsibly and respectfully at all times and follow all school rules according to the Student Handbook.  Disrupting class and/or disrespecting classmates, the teacher, or school property will not be tolerated. Maintaining a safe classroom environment, particularly during laboratory investigations, is everyone’s shared responsibility.

Academic Integrity

As a student in this class you are expected to exhibit academic integrity and honesty. Any instance of plagiarism and/or cheating will result in a zero on that assignment for all parties involved, in addition to disciplinary actions.

Cell Phones / Mobile Devices

Cell phone use is not permitted during class, unless otherwise instructed. It is in your best interest to turn your phone off before entering the classroom.  Students caught using cell phones without permission will be required to place their phone on my desk for the remainder of the class.  Subsequent offenses will result in your phone being turned over to an administrator.


- Students should be in their seats when the bell rings and should begin answering the daily Do Now  

  question that will be posted on the board

- Students may use the bathroom:
      When Do Now is complete
      After independent work has been started
      After quizzes or tests are finished and handed in

- Students must use the Sign-Out Sheet each time they leave and re-enter the classroom.


Regular attendance is expected!   If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain the notes and/or material that were covered while you were out.  If you missed a test or quiz, see me immediately to schedule a make up time.
Refer to your student handbook for the policy regarding tardiness.


Laboratory investigations will be conducted throughout the semester.
Proper dress is required (pants and close-toed shoes) for all labs unless told otherwise.
You cannot make up a laboratory experiment for not wearing proper clothing.
Safety is the most important factor during all labs and any unsafe behavior will not be tolerated.


Homework is due the next time we meet (unless otherwise specified) at the start of class or else it is a zero.   

Exams and Quizzes

Quizzes will be both scheduled and unscheduled (“pop”).  
Exams will occur at the end of every unit to assess your knowledge of the topics covered
After reviewing corrected quizzes and exams during class, they will be collected. If you wish to view an assessment again, you must make an appointment with me before or after school. Due to departmental policy, quizzes and exams may not leave the classroom at any time
The final exam will cover all of the material over the course of the semester.


There will be a lot of information presented in this class, so taking notes is essential.   A binder will help you become better organized - an important life skill!  You should keep all Do Nows, handouts, articles, vocab, etc. in your binder.

Grading Policy

IMPORTANT - I don’t give grades - you earn them!!
Grades are calculated using a points system.  Every graded assignment is worth a certain number of points.

                                    Homework ……………………. 4-8 points

                                    Do Now ……………..………….. 5 points

                                   Tests…………………………….. 50-100 points

                                   Quizzes…………………………. 20-50 points

                                   Labs/Projects…………………….20-50 points

On each assignment you will earn a certain number of points.  Your % grade for an assignment is calculated by the following:

                                         (Points you earned   ➗   Assignment value)  x   100

For example:   You earn 16 points on a quiz that is worth 20 points.   Your % grade for the assignment is calculated like this:

                                                          ( 16  ➗ 20 )   x 100  


                                                                 .8    x 100

                                                                    80 %

Your quarter grades are calculated in a similar way:

                              ( Total points you earned   ➗   Total possible points )    x 100

For example:   If there were 650 possible points in Quarter 1 and you earned 588 total points.

                                                  (   588  ➗  650  )   x 100  

                                                           .9046    x 100

                                         Your quarter grade would be  90.46 %


Overall Grade for the course:

40% -  First Quarter
40% -  Second Quarter
20% -  Final Exam