Course Information

CP Chemistry

Students undertake an in-depth study of the fundamentals of chemistry including laboratory work and problem solving.  Some of the topics treated in detail include measurement, phases of matter, atomic theory, the periodic table, bonding, formula and equation writing, the gas laws, and solution chemistry. 

General Chemistry
This course emphasizes the same topics as college prep chemistry.  The treatment is less mathematical and as such is not recommended for individuals planning to major in science or engineering. 

UConn Chemistry

This course is designed for the high ability college bound student.  Topics covered are atomic structure, thermochemistry, equation writing, quantum mechanics, gas laws, molecular geometry, reaction kinetics, chemical equilibrium, coordination compounds, electrochemistry, and nuclear chemistry.  The text and syllabus are those used by the University of Connecticut.  Eight college credits are available from UCONN after the successful completion of UConn Chem I and UConn Chem II.  

Integrated Science
This course is a required freshman science class. Topics covered are Energy, Environmental Science and Electricity and Magnetism.