August 29, 2018

Content Support 11

College & Career Readiness


The purposes of content support class are as follows:


·                    to provide a supportive setting for academic practice


·                    to monitor student progress in regular education courses


·                    to support each student in organizing and managing school assignments


·                    to ensure student understanding of assignment requirements


·                    to review and reinforce concepts in regular education courses


·                    to assist students in setting goals and attaining skills needed to move successfully

from secondary to post-secondary environments



Content support students will be expected to participate in College and Career Readiness instruction for a portion of the block each day. This will include written assignments, as well as exploratory projects designed to help students establish personal, career and post-secondary education goals. Course grade will be based on total points earned on the College Career Assignments.


Student scores on the Behavioral Expectation Matrix are determined by weekly scores on the  Content Support performance rubric. This self-scored rubric allows opportunity for self-reflection, teacher feedback and assessment.



Should you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached in Room 218 via e-mail at  or by phone at 860-870-6818 X 10218.