Power Technology
Power Tech
This class is an introduction to transportation technology. Different forms of land, water, and air transportation will be studied along with their effects on our society, the environment and technology. Each student will need a dedicated three-ring binder to use as a portfolio for the class; all handouts and written work are to be kept in it. The portfolio will be graded on completeness and organization, and should be brought to class every day. A unit on understanding and repairing small gas engines is included in the course; as a class project, students will build and race a full-sized Entry Level hovercraft against other schools in June.

Develop an understanding of safety and safe work habits while working with hand tools, power tools or machinery.

Compare and contrast various forms of propulsion systems and fuels.

Understand the technological systems that are essential to all forms of transportation.

Be able to describe the interaction of technological, economic, social, environmental and political factors on the development and use of transportation systems.

Daily classroom work, effort, participation, behavior, following safety rules  20%
Project and hands-on work                                                                 20%
Quizzes, tests and homework                                                              20%
Portfolio                                                                                          20%
Daily clean-up                                                                                  20%

All students are expected to bring a pen or pencil and their portfolio to class every day. Some activities in Power Tech class can result in injury if safety procedures are not followed. Unsafe behaviors and incidents will be reported to parents/guardians and school administration.