Tech 1, Introduction to Technology

Course overview
 Tech 1 introduces students to basic woodworking and manufacturing.
Students will learn to use hand and power tools, equipment, materials, math and science related to those areas. Students will aquire experience in hands-on problem solving and design activities.

Develop an appreciation for safety and safe work habits. Develop skills, knowledge and experience in problem solving, design, and the proper use of tools, materials and equipment.

Grading policy:
 It is the students' responsibility to get their work done and turned in on time.Students may find it necessary to stay after school for extra help or if they miss class work time due to absences or to complete missing assignments.

                  Daily classroom work, effort, participation and behavior     25%
                  Project work                                                              25%
                  Quizzes and other written work                                     25%
                  Homework                                                                 25%
                    Quarter 1 average                  40%
                    Quarter 2 average                  40%
                    Final exam grade                    20% 
All students are expected to follow all school and lab rules, and to bring a 
pencil and their portfolio notebook to class each day.