The purpose of the Spanish 5 course is to provide opportunity to continue practicing Spanish through exploring culture by way of the AP themes. Through authentic resources and research you will explore specific topics within the themes of Personal and Public Identities, Contemporary Life, Families and Communities, Beauty and Aesthetics, Science and Technology and/or Global Challenges. The textbook assigned to the course is Avancemos level 4, which contains review of grammar from levels 1 through 4 and the thematic vocabulary to support your investigation and research.  

Assessment You will practice and be assessed on your ability to speak presentationally and interpersonally, to write presentationally, and to interpret written and spoken authentic Spanish. 

  • Homework is considered preparation for class activities, and it will typically not be graded. However, I reserve the right to randomly collect and grade any assignment that I have asked you to do at home. When that happens, the grade you receive for that assignment will fall in the formative assessment category.
  • Formative assessments will be given frequently.  They can be announced ahead of time, but can also come in the form of a spontaneous speaking or writing prompt, exit slip, survey, etc. These assessments may not be graded and will be used to guide further instruction. Formative assessments will total 150 points per quarter.
  • There will be 3 summative assessments per quarter.  These assessments will always be announced, and will have a clear rubric. Summative assessments will total 350 points per quarter.
  • A final exam will be given at the end of this course which counts for 20% of your semester grade. Seniors with a grade of 90% or higher at the end of semester 2 are exempt from taking the final exam.