Course Expectations

Español I

Grading Policy:
70% Benchmarks, Quizzes, Projects
20% Homework/Classwork
10% Class Participation

* All students will participate with enthusiasm on a daily basis!
* Students must come to class prepared with a notebook, pen or pencil, homeowork, hand-outs and notes.
* Homework must be completed on time.  Homework that is late will be graded accordingly.
* Students must arrive to class on time.  Leaving class for bathroom breaks or trips to the locker or office is discouraged until the end of class.
* Students must work to their best ability alone or in groups when assigned.
* Respect others, their property and their space.  All students are learning together so verbal putdowns are not permitted. 
* Honesty is of utmost importance.  Cheating is a serious offense. 
* We look to have a fabulous year together!  Show your excitement by putting forth your best effort!

Room: 244
Extra Help:  I offer extra help during lunch as well as after school until 2:15.  Please let me know prior to meeting to set up the extra help.

Email:    Phone: 860-870-6818 X435