Español III

Señorita Ventura

Room 240


    THS phone: (860) 870-6818 x433

¡Bienvenido a la clase de español III!  This year you will continue your journey in the rich culture of the Spanish language.  We will begin with the textbook Avancemos 3. We will first complete Unit 1 which concentrates on the formation and uses of the Preterite and Imperfect.  We will then move into the “telenovela” Destinos and watch the first 11 episodes.  After Destinos, we will complete 5 more unites and we will concentrate on reading, writing, listening, reading, and speaking, as well as major grammar units on the Present Subjunctive, Future, and Conditional tenses.  We will also focus on Commands and the Perfect tenses.  By the end of the course, you will know 8 verb tenses, and be proficient at giving commands.  To succeed at this level you must be committed to study and complete all homework assignments.