Español II

Señorita Ventura

Room 240


    THS phone:(860) 870-6818 x433

¡Bienvenido a la clase de español II!  This year you will continue your journey in the rich culture of the Spanish language.  We will explore the Spanish language through use of the TPRS (Total Physical Response Storytelling) methodology.  We will focus on grammar, vocabulary, and culture through supplementary videos-clips and short readings.  Tests will emphasize proficiency of all four communication skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
I am looking forward to teaching you(r child) this semester.  I am dedicated to creating a positive classroom environment that promotes student engagement and active student centered learning.  I will use multiple methods of instruction and assessments to measure your child’s learning. If at any time during the semester you have questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail or call me.

Overall, I hope that you will find Spanish II to be interesting, fun, and useful, both now and in the future!  Buena Suerte!

Google Classroom:

Students in Spanish 2 will be utilizing Google Classroom to complete some assignments and classroom activities throughout the semester.

Block 1 code: 184h4dh

Block 4 code: 91fn6k