Jeremy Barlow
 Telephone Number:  860-870-6818 ext. 10217
 Room Number:  217
 Email:  [email protected].us

This year students will be using Microsoft Teams as a class management tool. Assignments and notes will be posted to our Team and some labs will be completed using the class notebook on Teams.

Additional information for classes can be found on the class website at:

Class Schedule

   Block 1 Block 2  Block 3  Block 4 
 Semester 1 AP Physics 1  CP Physics  Prep  AP Physics 1 
 Semester 2  CP Biology  CP Physics  Prep CP Biology 

Specific course syllabi are located on the individual page (see the course information link at left) devoted to each particular course.   


When the need arises for extra help students are welcome and encouraged to come from 1:45 to 2:15 on any school day, with or without prior arrangement.  Such an extra help session may consist of something as simple as a single question posed by a student, a request for clarification of an example or topic from class or from an assignment.  Students are also encouraged to come to extra help sessions with a classmate or two who may benefit from or add to such sessions.