Kathy Marshall, Curriculum Liaison

Telephone Number: 860-870-6818 ext 10146
Room Number: 146

 PLEASE do not hesitate to ask for extra help.  I am happy to arrange a mutually convenient time with you! 

PRIDE in my classroom looks like:


v      Do the best that you can and pass in your best work.

v      Ask questions if you are curious or don’t understand.  You are not the only one!


v      Pay attention in class!  If I am talking or someone else is asking a question, be prepared to respond, take notes, and learn!

v      Be helpful and considerate to your classmates.

v      Clean up your area before you leave the room.


v      Do your own work and encourage others to do the same.


v      Be on time!  You have 5 minutes to get to my class from your previous one.

v      Take good notes and keep your notebook organized.


v      Be seated, have your homework out and be ready to begin when the bell rings.

v      Use class time efficiently to complete your work.

v      Keep all class materials out and ready to use until class has ended.

v      Remain in your seat until the bell rings.