Kelly Lambert

Telephone Number: 860-870-6818 ext 10093
Room Number: 87-93

Hello and Welcome to Culinary Arts!!!  I am the teacher for Culinary I, II, Baking and Pastry and Internships at Tolland High School.  Welcome to my teacher page.  I hope you find it a useful resource throughout the semester.

Extra help is available most days after school until 2:45.  Please make an appointment.

PRIDE in the Culinary classroom looks like:


Do the best that you can and pass in your best work.

Ask questions if you are curious or don’t understand.  You are not the only one!


Pay attention in class!  If I am talking or someone else is asking a question, be prepared to respond, take notes, and learn!

Be helpful and considerate to your classmates.

Clean up your area before you leave the room.


Do your own work and encourage others to do the same.

Work as a team!

Use respectful language at all times


Be on time!  You have 5 minutes to get to my class from your previous one.

Take good notes and keep your notebook organized.

Be Safe and follow all rules!


Be seated, have your homework out and be ready to begin when the bell rings.

Use class time efficiently to complete your work.

Do not use cell phones anytime during class unless you ask first to show me a picture of your extra credit.

Listen to all instructions