Week #2
Monday, 9/2/13--Labor Day-- No school!

Tuesday, 9/3/13-- Welcome back!
In class:
1.  Update-- Reflection #2 due.
2.  Reintroduce V1 list.
3.  Essay Connection-- pp. 45-54.  "Is Google Making Us Stupid?"  Read and respond to Questions 1, 2, 3, and 5.
4.  Something else?

HW:  1.  Vocabulary Workshop-- Unit 1:  "Completing the Sentence" (on separate paper).  2.  Question #6 of p. 54 in The Essay Connection.  3.  Study Unit 1 vocab. list for Friday's quiz.

 3.  Continue Small Avalanches Learning Station activities.
4.  Begin reading Small Avalanches, by Joyce Carol Oates.
Homework:  1.  Finish and/ or review Small Avalanches.  Complete thought questions.  2. Complete pp.      in Vocabulary Workshop.  Bring Vocabulary Workshop to class.

Wednesday, 9/4/13
In class:
1.  Vocabulary Workshop "Completing the Sentence" responses due.  Journal responses to The Essay Connection due.
2.  Complete Reading Self-Assessment.
3.  Introduction to Reading Wish Lists.
4.  Discuss responses to "Completing the Sentences" and journal question.

 4.  Begin work on "The Two-Day Oedipus."
a.  Sophocles the Man
b.  Greek Drama and Vocabulary
c.  Riddle of the Sphinx and I Am My Own Grandpa.
c.  The Oedipus Complex
Homework:  1.  Complete Reading Wish List.  2.  Study V1 list for tomorrow's quiz.

Thursday, 9/5/13
In class:
1.  V1 Quiz-- R. Wish Lists due.
2.  Complete and/or review Oedipus the King Learning Station activities.
3.  Begin Highlights of Oedipus the King.
4.  Library Visit-- Bring R. Wish Lists.
Homework:  Respond to questions about highlights of Oedipus the King,

Friday, 9/6/13
In class:
1.  Finish Highlights of Oedipus the King.
2.  Folder Writing #2:  Injustice in Oedipus the King
3.  Introduction to Lawrence Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development/ The Heinz Dilemma.
4.  Independent Reading
Homework:  1.  Complete Part 1 of The Heinz Dilemma.  2.  Have a safe, sane, and restful weekend.

Week #1
Wednesday, 8/28/13
In class:
1.  Complete "Courtesy Cards."
2.  Setting Personal Goals
3.  Folder Writing Assignment #1-- Defining PRIDE
4.  Define NORMS.
5.  Establish group norms and make mini-presentations for PRIDE.
Homework:  1.  Complete Reflection #1-- PRIDE and Norms.  2.  Read and sign course outline for Friday.

Thursday, 8/29/13
In class:
Reflection #1 due.
1.  Review highlights of course outline.
2.  Intro. to Lesson 1 of Vocabulary Workshop. (Quiz next Thursday, 9/6/12)
3.  Intro. to Howard Gardener's Theory of Multiple Intelligences and The Three-Story Intellect.
4.  Begin work on Multiple Intelligence Learning Centers.
Homework:  1.  Sign and return one copy of the course outline for tomorrow.  2.  Begin learning Lesson 1 in Vocabulary Workshop.

Friday, 8/30/13
In class:
1 copy of course outline due.
1.  Finish work on The Multiple Intelligence Learning Center activities.
2.  Review responses to The Multiple Intelligence Learning Center activities.
3.  Begin work on Learning Station activities for Roald Dahl's Poison.
Homework:  1.  Complete Reflection #2-- The Multiple Intelligences.  2.  Study V1 list for quiz on Thursday, 9/6/12  3.  Have a safe, sane, and restful long weekend!

Monday, 9/9/13

1.  Update-- Part 1 of The Heinz Dilemma due.
2.  Introduce V2 list.
3.  Discuss The Heinz Dilemma-- Part 1.
4.  Review Oedipus the King, Oedipus and Colonus, and The Tragedy of Antigone.
5.  Begin to read/ act out Antigone.
Homework:  1.  Thought questions for Antigone.  2.  Begin learning V2 list for Thursday's quiz.

Tuesday 9/10/13
1.  Antigone thought questions due.
2.  Review responses to Antigone thought questions.
3.  Continue to read/ act out scenes from Antigone.
4.  Discuss the clash of moral values in Antigone.  Connect to work of Lawrence Kohlberg.
Homework:  1.  Complete Vocabulary Workshop pp.