PE 10


Students at Tolland High School have two requirements in Physical Education, PE9 and PE10.  These courses have the same consideration as other academic courses in determining honor roll.  The Physical education department also offers elective courses for those students who have met their requirements.

The Physical Education 10 classes consist of Fitness activities and Sport-oriented games.  

The Fitness component includes development of a personal fitness program to monitor injury prevention, develop proper techniques, and promote lifetime fitness. The students will perform the CT State Fitness Tests involving cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility.  As a part of the self evaluation process students will be required to write about their progress and demonstrate their knowledge of fitness concepts, as part of their final project. A variety of Fitness components offered:


Dumbbells and Weights

Cable Resistance machines

Stability Balls

Medicine Balls

Balance Boards

Resistance Bands

Agility Ladders and Hurdles

Military-style workouts

Pilates and Yoga

Olympic Lifts

Interval training

Circuit training

High Intensity Training (H.I.T.)

Battle Ropes

The Sport-oriented component will consist of the following activities in which the student will be assessed on knowledge of rules, game play, strategies, and effort.  There is a balance

between team and individual sports.  It is hoped that the students will continue to participate in some of the activities throughout their lifetime.  Some of the activities offered are:



Backyard Games


Cooperative Games

Disc Golf

Flag Football

Floor Hockey

Frisbee Games




Team Handball



The grading criteria for PE/Fitness 10 are as follows:

Warm Up (jog/dynamic & static stretch)- 20%

Quiz/ Drug Ed./Writing assignments- 10%

PRIDE (changing, sportsmanship, participation,set-up/clean up)- 10%

Fitness/Activities- 40%

Final Project (paper)- 20%

When using the equipment, each student will be held accountable in the following ways:

  1. If the student is issued or uses a piece of equipment that is damaged they must immediately inform the instructor.

  2. If a piece of equipment is damaged while being used by the student, they must report it immediately to the instructor.

Failure to follow this procedure could result in the student being held responsible for replacement cost.

Locker Room procedures:

  1. LOCK ALL VALUABLES in the locker provided.  Do not share combinations.

  2. NO SPRAYING deodorant, body spray, hairspray, colognes, perfumes in the locker room.  Also do not use scented lotions.  

  3. Appropriate change of clothes required.  The following is PROHIBITED in PE class ( see student handbook):

  • Spaghetti straps on shirts.  Shirts need to have 2 inch wide straps

  • Attire or accessories, which depict logo or emblems that are disruptive of the educational process.  Some examples are drugs, alcohol, tobacco use, profanity, etc.

  • Shirts or blouses that reveal the abdomen

  • Shirts, tops and shorts which do not cover the upper thigh

  • Shorts or pants which reveal undergarments

  1. Cell phones are not allowed in class.  Leave them locked in your lockers. They will be confiscated if found out and/or in the gym.

  2. Once in the gym, you will not be allowed to go back into the locker room.  

**ALL absences and excuses from class must be made up after school. If a class in not made up it will go in the grade book as a ZERO. It is your responsibility to coordinate a day with me that you can stay after. **