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Freshmen Course Registration

Counselors met with the Class of 2026 during advisory on 3/21. The following handouts and presentation were shared: 
/UserFiles/Servers/Server_891766/File/Counseling/Registration 2023/Grade 10 Course Request Worksheet.docx
/UserFiles/Servers/Server_891766/File/Counseling/Registration 2023/Sophomore Registration info sheet 2023 2024.docx
/UserFiles/Servers/Server_891766/File/Counseling/Registration 2023/sophomore powerpoint registration march 2023.pptx

Sophomore Course Registration

Counselors met with the Class of 2025 during advisory on 3/7.  The following handouts and presentation were shared:

/UserFiles/Servers/Server_891766/File/Counseling/Registration 2023/2023-2024 Junior Registration info sheet.docx
/UserFiles/Servers/Server_891766/File/Counseling/Registration 2023/Grade 11 Course Request Worksheet.docx
/UserFiles/Servers/Server_891766/File/Counseling/Registration 2023/Juniors to be Course Registration Workshop PP march 2023.pptx

Junior Course Registration

Counselors met with the Class of 2024 during advisory on 2/14.  The following handouts and presentation were shared:
/UserFiles/Servers/Server_891766/File/Counseling/Registration 2023/2023-2024 Grade 12 Registration info sheet.docx  
/UserFiles/Servers/Server_891766/File/Counseling/Registration 2023/Grade 12 Course Request Worksheet.docx 
/UserFiles/Servers/Server_891766/File/Counseling/Registration 2023/Seniors to be class of 2024 Course Registration Workshop PP.pdf

Connecticut Automatic Admissions Program (CAAP)

In a June 2021 special session, the Connecticut legislature passed Public Act 21-2, An Act Concerning Provisions Related to Revenue and Other Items to Implement the State Budget for the Biennium Ending June 30, 2023. Sections 257 and 258 set requirements for The Board of Regents for Higher Education (BOR) to establish the Connecticut Automatic Admission Program (CAAP) for eligible Connecticut high school students to be automatically admitted to Connecticut’s State Universities: Central Connecticut State University, Eastern Connecticut State University, Southern Connecticut State University, and Western Connecticut State University. The program is also open to other Connecticut post-secondary institutions. The class of 2023 is the first class of students eligible for CAAP

The Connecticut Automatic Admissions Program (CAAP) offers eligible students automatic admission to participating Connecticut Colleges and Universities based on high school grade point average (CAAP GPA) and/or percentile class ranking, both calculated using the College Board’s formula for calculating GPA.

THS has recalculated an unweighted gpa based on the College Board’s 4.0 scale for the Class of 2023.  This recalculated CAAP gpa was then ranked in order from highest to lowest.  Students ranking in the top 30% of the class are provided automatic admissions to all of the schools listed below.  Students not in the top 30% of the class for the unweighted CAAP gpa however meeting other numerical criteria as seen below are eligible for automatic admissions to the corresponding institution(s).  A letter has been sent home to all eligible seniors. 


Participating Institutions

Automatic Admission Threshold

Central Connecticut State University

70th percentile based on CAAP GPA

Eastern Connecticut State University

70th percentile based on CAAP GPA

Southern Connecticut State University

70th percentile based on CAAP GPA

Western Connecticut State University

70th percentile based on CAAP GPA

Mitchell College


University of Bridgeport


University of New Haven


University of St Joseph


If students would like to take advantage of the automatic admissions program, they will need to apply by going to the Automatic Admission Program website and selecting the school (s) they are eligible to apply to .

Students will need to upload the letter they received from Tolland High School in order to complete their application.  The application does not require an essay or teacher recommendations. 

If a student has already applied to one of the institutions which they are now eligible for automatic admissions, they may contact the admission office and their application fee will be refunded. 

If you have any questions, please contact your student’s school counselor.

Turning in Community Service?  

Please complete the following google form to submit community service.  Have your verification sheet available as you will need to upload it. 

2022-23 Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete is now available

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**C L A S S   O F   2 0 2 3** 

**S E N I O R     S E C T I O N **

$$ THS Community Scholarships $$
This scholarship application is used for many scholarship under the THS Community Scholarship umbrella.  Please complete the google form by Friday, April 21, 2023 at 2:30pm.

Midyear Report/ 1st semester grades REQUEST GOOGLE FORM:

Applying to CT Community College?
The community colleges of Connecticut are merging to form the CT State Community College.  The new FAFSA code is 007635.  The application is now open.  To complete the application, you will need your social security number, gpa and SASID (ask your counselor if you do not know it).
To apply, go to:

Transcript Authorization Form
Please complete the following form and bring it to the counseling office.
/UserFiles/Servers/Server_891766/File/Counseling/Seniors/2022 2023/THS Student Transcript Authorization 2022 2023.pdf

Transcript Request Google Form
Please complete the following form to request your
supplemental materials be sent to a college. This should be
done10 days prior to your deadline.

Info for Teacher Recommendation

Complete the following form for EACH teacher you are requesting a recommendation from:
/UserFiles/Servers/Server_891766/File/Counseling/Seniors/THS info for recommendation fall 2022.pdf

Looking for help starting your essay?  
Check out the College Essay Guy on YouTube or see his website :

2022-2023 THS Counseling Caseloads


Class of 2026 Freshmen

Class of 2025 Sophomores

Class of 2024


Class of 2023


Mrs. Foran





Mr. Conklin





Mrs. Grady











 For parents who have a child struggling with a behavioral health need, please see the attached resources.  Select north central for resources in our area.

Resources for Families and Students:



Students and parents have access to the Teen Health & Wellness Database via the THS Library. In order to access the information included in this valuable site, you'll need to login. Your child may already be familiar with it, so feel free to explore the site with them! 

The login space is on the top left corner of the page.
Username: tollandhs
Password: health
The left sidebar of the page is the categories that you may browse, but you can also use the search bar on the top right to search for any topic related to teen health and wellness. 
At the moment they have some great age-appropriate resources specific to COVID-19 that may make discussing it with your family.
The database homepage is designed to be user friendly, but if you encounter any issues, just contact school library media specialist, Jess Fontaine, at [email protected]