Required Physical exams

Mandatory 10th grade physical: 
An immunization update and health assessment are required in the 9th/10th grade per the Connecticut General Statutes Sec 10-204a and 10-206. These physical exams must be completed on the State of Connecticut Health Assessment Record
(blue Form ) that is provided by the state. Physical exams done up to one year prior to the student entering 10th grade are acceptable.

 Per Board of Education policy, students without an updated physical, on file with the nurse, will be excluded from entry to the 11th grade. 

Sports Physicals:
 Students trying out for or participating in sports are required to have a physical yearly. The physical must have been done with in one year and 30 days, prior to the date of tryouts, per CIAC regulations. This should be done on a Sports Physical form. 

Please note if you are in 9th or 10th grade you may use the three page, blue health assessment record. 

In the interest of executing our responsibilities for  sports physicals and for the safety of the students, there are deadlines for the submission of completed forms. It takes the school Nursing Office time to process and verify these forms, and a large number of forms come in for each sport.  The Nurse’s Office must have the time to do so carefully. 

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference requires physicals to participate in school sports (Page 103, CIAC 2017-2018 Handbook) and the Connecticut State Medical Society (as of Summer 2016, bottom Page 8, under scheduling) 
recommends a physical be completed a minimum of two weeks before the sport begins. For more information on this, please see the web-sites listed below.

CIAC Handbook 2022-2023

Preschool Physicals

All children attending the Creative Preschool at Tolland High school are required to have a physical annually. This must be completed on the
State of Connecticut Early Childhood Health Assessment Record.
This physical must have been done within one calendar year of the date that they start preschool. Physicals are good for one year. 
All preschool students are required to get an Influenza vaccine, between Sept 1 and January 1, to be allowed to attend preschool after January 1st.