Ms. Fontaine's Media Center Mission

Roles and Goals of the THS Library Media Center

The THS Library Media Center works with students and teachers to provide an engaging environment where students can cultivate a love of reading and refine their critical thinking skills.  Learners are provided with meaningful resources and are taught to identify reliable resources so as to effectively and ethically use and share ideas and information. 

These goals are accomplished by:

  • providing access to materials in a variety of formats including print, ebooks, and digital audiobooks. 
  • managing the physical library and its online presence
  • collaborating with classroom teachers
  • creating connections between the classroom and the library
  • monitoring ethical use and adherence to copyright laws
  • increasing circulation
  • building the collections (fiction and non-fiction)
  • maintaining the collections through regular weeding

The goals are founded on the guidelines outlined in Empowering Learners, an American Association of School Librarians publication that highlights the necessity of collaboration among teachers and library media staff as well as the importance of school libraries.