Medication administration at school

State Laws govern the administration of medicine (prescription and non-prescription) in schools.  Forms are available on our website or from the school nurse, doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, walk-in health offices, etc.

Please click here for the Tolland Public Schools Procedures for Requesting Medication Administration.

For each medication ordered, there must be an annual Authorization for the Administration of Medicine at School 
 form completed and on file in the school Health Office. 

This form includes:

  1. Physician’s written order
  2. Parent or guardian’s written authorization

Medications to be administered at school must be:

  1. Delivered to the school nurse by the parent
  2. In a container, labeled by the pharmacist, specifically for school use.  The label must state the patient’s name, physician’s name, name and strength of the medicine, directions for administering, and date of original prescription. 

No more than a 3 month supply of medication may be kept in the health office.

Per State of CT guidelines students may carry prescription inhalers and EPI pens, only with prior authorization from the school nurse and a completed Medication Authorization form, signed by the doctor, on record at the school.

 Please remember that students cannot bring in or carry their own medications.

At the end of the school year, the parent must pick up medications or the school nurse will dispose of them in accordance with Sec 10-212a-5-I4i of the Connecticut General Statutes.