Special Education Services
The high school program will enable students to attain competencies in the basic skills in order to learn in school-related and independent living areas; that they learn to use their most effective methods of communication, to receive and express information necessary for academic development, that they learn socially acceptable patterns of behavior and develop positive feelings about themselves and others to facilitate learning and adjustment.

Special education services may be provided in several manners. Adult Support (a Special Education teacher or paraprofessional in a general education class) is typically offered in academic classes such as English, Math, Science and/or Social Studies. Resource Support (content support in a small group setting with a special education teacher) is offered for a student’s specific area of weakness. The student is pulled out of a mainstream class to receive specialized instruction in that area. Direct educational instruction is offered only in Life Skills and Content Support. Vocational Work experience is designed for students who require assistance with job skills.

The course description contains general objective areas as well as descriptions of each type of special education support. Each type of support is created cooperatively with the parent, student, case manager and teachers at the student’s annual review.

Classes and supports are specifically designed and individualized for students with special education needs in grades 9-12. Placement/supports are based on individual student needs as determined by the Planning and Placement Team (PPT).