Staff Directory

Tolland High School 
Main Number:  860-870-6818
Counseling:  860-870-6836
Nurse:  860-870-6838

Name Position Extension Email Address
Abbott, Evangeline Art 10073 [email protected]
Alford, Geneva  Guidance Secretary 10913  [email protected] 
Ampeire, Elena  Social Worker 10931 [email protected]
Barlow, Jeremy Science 10217 j[email protected]
Bochman, Sean  SLP 10812 [email protected]
Bridge, Lynne Business 10142 [email protected]
Canty, Harriet World Language 10235 [email protected]
Carlson, Alison Mathematics 10135 [email protected]
Carpenter, Michael Technology 10057 [email protected]
Case, Katie  Science  10123  [email protected]
Cayward, Carlton Business 10148 [email protected]
Cichocki, Eric Social Studies 10220 [email protected]
Clark, Stacey  World Language  10237 [email protected]
Conklin, Mark  Guidance  10920 [email protected] 
Culver, Jackie Secretary 10907 [email protected]
de Loureiro, Candace  IT/Administrative Assistant 10804 [email protected]
de Sevigne, Elisabeth  Mathematics 10124 [email protected] 
DeGuire, Jami  English 10209 [email protected] 
Daly-Byrnes, Barbara Language Arts Curriculum Supervisor 30228 [email protected]
Davidson, Cindy Nurse - BSN, RN 10924 [email protected]
Durham, Meghan  Counseling
 10916 [email protected]
Egan, Judi English 10109 [email protected]
Elliott, Brandon Science 10221 [email protected]
Ennis, Susan  World Language 10240 [email protected]
Fields, Noah Music 10034 [email protected]
Finan, Michelle  LEAP 10113 [email protected] 
Fitzgerald, Kristine   Special Education 10242  [email protected]
Fontaine, Jessica Library 10302 [email protected]
Foran, Caitlin Counseling 10917 [email protected]
Frost, Amanda Social Studies 10222 [email protected]
Grady, Michelle Guidance 10918 [email protected]
Graupner, Christophe  World Language 10239 [email protected]
Grendzinski, Amy English 10211 [email protected]
Herrick, Katlyn  Science 10121 [email protected]
Hess, Patricia Director of Pupil Services 10810 [email protected]
Hui, Tom Mathematics 10133 [email protected]
Keane, Sue Administrative Secretary 10902 [email protected]
Kirwin, Margaret Music 10030 [email protected]
LaRose, Marcie  Pupil Services 10811 [email protected] 
Laguerre, Nicole Science 10127 [email protected]
Lambert, Kelly  Family and Consumer Science  10093 [email protected]
Leary, Ruth Mathematics 10126 [email protected]
Lepak, Christopher Physical Education 10408 [email protected]
Logsdon, Jennifer Physical Education 10418 [email protected]
Lockyer, Lindsey  Special Education 10206 [email protected] 
Lumpkins, Adrienne  Science 10117 [email protected] 
Lyon-Visny, Lisa Mathematics 10131 [email protected]
Madison, Kate Cafeteria Manager 10090 [email protected]
Manning, Shelley Social Studies 10216 [email protected]
Marinan, Kimberly  Assistant Principal  10905 [email protected]
Marks-Hamilton, Hannah English 10201 [email protected]
Marshall, Kathleen Business 10146 [email protected]
McCluskey, Tim  Athletic Director  10904 [email protected]
McNally, Maureen Mathematics 10120 [email protected]
Mendyka, Tara Special Education 10107 [email protected]
Nash, Heather   English  10207 [email protected] 
O'Keeffe, Corinne  Social Studies 10214  [email protected] 
Parzych, Timothy Social Studies 10229 [email protected]
Patulak, Sandra  Special Education 10101  [email protected]
Pater, Julie Secretary 10900 [email protected]
Penney, Beth Computers 10134 [email protected]
Pietrowicz, Courtney  English 10246  [email protected]
Poland, Thomas   Principal
10900 [email protected]
Quirk, Kimberly English 10205 [email protected]
Raiola, Jaclyn  Mathematics 10139 [email protected] 
Robertson, Heather  Pupil Services Secretary 10816 [email protected]
Roe, Michelle  Art 10077 [email protected] 
Rosado, Michelle Science 10117 [email protected]
Ross, Betsy Science 10115 [email protected]
Ruede, Mark Science Curriculum Supervisor 10815 [email protected]
Sher, Adam Information Technology Director 10800 [email protected]
Solis Castellanos, Diego   World Language 10244 [email protected]
Stake, John Network Administrator 10801 [email protected]
Stake, Joseph  LEAP 10111 [email protected] 
Steed, Amy Physical Education 10419 [email protected]
Storozuk, Robert Mathematics 10118 [email protected]
Tavernier, Deborah Special Education 10218 [email protected]
Teevan, Rebecca Special Education 10101 [email protected]
Tozier, Kristin School Psychologist 10106 [email protected]
Webster, Jen Mathematics Curriculum Supervisor 30227 [email protected]
White, Chris Information Technology 10802 [email protected]
Wells, Jaylen  Head Custodian 10033  [email protected]